Recent Encounters with Néishté

Saturday meeting

We have been working for a year and a half, maybe better. What have we grown open to? What windows have you stepped through? The windows you stepped through --- are they still expanding or did you suspended some of what you found there --- or are you suspended in some of them?

The aquarium age begins November 11 2012 --- psychic energy is changing. I have tried to help you 'live' three stages so far --- the totem animal; the Human; and the Being --- the totem animal allows you to first 'see' and then perceive the animal as it-is, without comparison; without judgment. What happens when we are just the base animal in 'ourselves'? To be the 'animal', the base 'Being', affects sensitivity. The animal is very focused i.e.: Hungry-eat; Horny-mate to: if confronted - fight or flight. The animal is focused-ruled by habit and impulse. The basic 'Being' can be the same way but often 'it' has mixed feelings about Habit-impulse-cognitive dissonance in being directed and often in gratification of the 'focus'. By being coached through this period of civilizing or conditioning we supposedly evolve. But, evolving in this society usually means never quite going through each stage of development wholly or conclusively.

Now the human part usually depends on emotion. Feelings-Thoughts-Emotions. Most people are crippled in this area due to sensory bombardment. In fact, 'in time' the input is so great and so compounding that you do not know whether to act or not; whether your emotion about something is correct or not/should you 'feel' this way or not: in fact whether you are you or not. She more 'feelings' interpret your current 'feelings' the more mentally corrupt you become. You lose at the wonderment - the perceptual innocence of a child.

Then there is the birthing stage of BEING. When you 'feel' connected to you, peacefully; peaceful in feeling-peaceful in emotion-peaceful mentally, no self-perpetuating system is active; then the innocence of childhood perception comes to fore and you can choose whether to be direct or subtle in your perception. The golden rule is: the more 'you' are 'Being' your 'Being', the more impeccable you become to your 'Beingness', you can 'listen' and 'act' with the will of Grandfather with all 'reality' of your immortal spirit.

(In Christian terms, the more like an 'angel' you perceive 'yourself', the more you can listen and do the will of God. Your soul has been realized - but this is sometimes hard because of step two.)

Everyday you increase and exercise your Being, the easier it is it to 'see' the 'animal' in people; the easier it is to 'see' the Human and the Human condition in people. You will perceive clearly and succinctly because you do not have to falsify your ability to perceive 'things' as they are. This brings power of life to your Spirit - to your soul. You do not have to go around developing a false ego in order to defend your actions or your 'self'. You do not have to falsify images in order to live an imaginary 'self'. You are Human, and a Spirit in a heavenly environment. Through your beingness there is a unity; a oneness inside your 'self'. There is no 'duality': Your sensory system aligns and is untiringly Alert; intuition serves this 'existential-awareness' as well as 'revelation'. You can proceed and know without questioning.

When you are grossly involved in 'feelings', 'traumas', 'fantasy', you cannot perceive (listen) to intentions , revelations, because of the internal imagery and its continual reaction to 'Fear'. Then you question everything-content with nothing except 'opiates' which dull the senses.

Your mind as an organ was meant to serve, to help, to repair, to keep 'whole'. You're Beingness finds itself in the land of EARTH-FIRE-WATER-AIR-ETHER. When the interpretation and recording area serves you, THEN you can begin to understand these elements in a completely different way.

We can be used psychically if we can be put into a category i.e.; Attitudes affect and infect!

Affect and infect behavior in us and in others, if you are red inside-action usually is stupid, angry, boring and confused. Hidden anger - in dwelled temperamental duality. Confused if you see only the human world then aggressiveness (overt or covert). This allows just-causes inpatient, demanding. If the purpose is right, then WAR-KILLING after all, it is for a divine reason. If you are skilled and victorious you will also be PROUD-POSITIVE-ALERT.

The GREAT SPIRIT will be your companion because you do what is right or at least say you do. This person's personality is aligned not like the 'basic being' who simply 'sees' spirit as existence. (Red to Yellow spectrum)

The 'Being', as it opens, is personally seeking unification with the Spirit. It must integrate the mind as it is; the Human as it has done-

The Beingness in you can become peaceful, disciplined spiritually, peaceful-intuitive and sensitive. Since Spirit and unification with existence comes Personal and Omnipresent. 'Green-new' to unification ultraviolet/indigo,) Once personality becomes integrated to Spirit, then movement through space becomes an intriguing voyage and expanding, 'visionary' experience.

Here is where we are, each will absorb the Life Energy; for the second Kiva is at hand. Thanks for the company and the presence.

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